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About Us

At Kyborgi we are creating a new social network to:

  • support the intersection of humans, technology & society 
  • change the way social media users interact with content, people and products
  • champion breakthrough communities for individuals, businesses and social change 
  • create insights, features, and products that are valuable to the community and
  • respect the culture, laws and norms of the world into the digital world we are creating

By establishing breakthrough global communities to be action orientated we can solve real problems and seize real opportunities.

Our Team


Andrew has worked in senior technology positions over the past 20 years in Europe and Australia including consulting , manufacturing, public healthcare and private health insurance.

Andrew was a technology scout in Asia, Europe and Silicon valley and led many new market initiatives including implementation of one of world's largest corporate social networks in 2010 based on the Jive platform,  proposal for the Dept of Immigration and Border Protection to use IBM Watson for health screening for new visa applicants and the delivery of a Australia-Wide digital health market in coopetition with three of the largest health insurers in Australia.

Growing up he lived in Africa, Papua New Guinea and in remote towns in Australia. Andrew is a British citizen, permanent resident of Australia and e-resident of Estonia. 


Kristjan is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & Managing Director of BluCloud Interactive - one of the fastest growing branding, design and digital creative agencies in Europe.

Kristjan’s main role is taking care of running & leading the agency’s growth across Estonia, Australia, UK, Japan, UAE, India and the United States of America.

Kristjan is an expert kitesurfer and on his spare time, he loves to hike, work out and read about the newest technologies and trends in branding & UI/UX world.

Kristjan is also fascinated by growth hacking & turning ideas into real-life products and services.


Jake is currently the growth officer for Jalasoft Ventures in Colombia.

Jalasoft stands out in the market due to its ability to consistently deliver on complex development projects by partnering, delivering and investment.

Before Jalasoft, Jake has successful tenures in fortune 500 companies like McKesson, Schlumberger, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise as well as in leading various technology startups.

Jake enjoys living with tribes in the Amazonian jungle, mentoring startups, practicing yoga and honing his mixed martial arts skills.


Co-Founder & President Three Square Chip

Patrick leads the technology development, integration and growth of microchip solutions ranging from medical, network security, payments to smart city applications for Three Square Chip.

RIVER FALLS, Wis.July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 1, 2017, Three Square Market (32M) became the first company in the United States to offer implanted microchips to its employees.  Their August 1 chip party, where over 50 employees were microchipped, some on live television, sparked worldwide debate and coverage. Their story generated over 1.5 billion hits on their websites since it was broadcast and brought visits from major media outlets, Katie Couric, the Today Show and more.  32M promised then to introduce technology that could change the world.   

One year on and 32M have been approached by organisations from Dubai to the US across a wide range of sectors and are now partnering with US health organisations on patent-pending solutions for patients.


Greg is the Founder of UCROWDME who are building a living, breathing ecosystem of ideas, voices and insights that aims to enhance the lives of every citizen on the planet. We encourage change, diversity of thought and big thinking. Without it, we are nothing. 

Filmaker and Director

Rob Spence  is a filmmaker who lost an eye. Rob works as a director and producer in Toronto, Canada and has had his work on Discovery, The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation), Vision, and Space TV. His cult hit documentary film Let’s All Hate Toronto was a special presentation at Hot Docs film festival.

He has a Time Magazine Best Inventions of the year award and was a Honoree in The Webby Awards Best Branded Content division.

We are searching for Partners, Ambassadors & Advisors


Partners, Ambassadors and Advisors:

Ambassadors for our breakthrough communities

  • Our Planet
  • Town Square
  • Elections
  • Human2 &
  • others TBD

Supporting our breakthrough communities

  • NGO's
  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Philanthropic Org's
  • Govt's

Partners & Advisors

  • Media Companies
  • Journalists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Scientists
  • Health Professionals
  • Domain Experts (Environment, Free Speech, Poverty, Health, Elections..)

All inquiries : collaborationwins@kyborgi.io

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